Logos from the past
These logos I designed the last few years. Most were part of a bigger branding project, which I maybe will upload later... The christian logos I did together with bureau Doordacht. (Bijbelschool Filadelfia, Gospel Mission, Hart voor het Gezin, Hebron Missie). I did the research and conceptual sketches, they refined it to a polished clean branding style and designed the final branding with all it's items.
Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design
Design process explained: logo for Holland
A logo mark for Holland / The Netherlands. It was a large school assignment during 8 weeks. In Dutch there are different namings for a logo with text and logo with only text and logo without text, 'logo', 'beeldmerk' and 'woordmerk'. In English there aren't different names as far as I know, only logo, or mark, or symbol, but there are so many different types of logos... This logo is named 'beeldmerk' (literally image + mark) so that's different from the naming logo.
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
ad Peter Terlouw Tweewielers
Bicycle shop photography, advertisement and banner with a original local feeling.
Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography
Restyle Retro magazine
info magazine about the yearly charity goal organised by the local church, filled with a lot of advertisements to earn money and very little info
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
Appealing messages for youth
Beach Mission is an evangelizing non-profit who share their message for youth in the night life. To make an appealing message they ask me for creating 'business cards' to hand out and letters in multiple languages, targeted at youth who are on party holiday.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
LOGOS 2015
Proposals and real made logos I have designed in 2015.
Branding, Typography, Graphic Design
Pocketsize logo inspiration book
Pocket size book useful as inspiration for making a logo. The title on the cover 'U wilt een logo?' is Dutch for 'Do you want a logo?' The used shapes are basic and match with my personal design style. I have selected 5 elements within the logo design process that are important for me. Shape, typography, colour, association and feeling. Done as a admission assignment at the Willem De Kooning Academie.
Editorial Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Selection 30 Minimal Logos. Start 2011 - 2014
A selection of 30 logos from the last years. I started my graphic design career in 2011, so I've made more, but I'm showing only the best of them. Most have a philosophy/idea behind but for now you have to do it with the looks.
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
Graduation project
Graduation project. Subject was self promotion as freelancer for a freelance fair. From origami I made my own font with all characters folded from the same one square piece of paper. Based on that font I have designed a logo and other branding items.
Art Direction, Branding, Typography
International Branding for 4 design schools
A visual language for a cooperation of 4 graphic schools. In Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The EDGE network: European Design and Graphic Media Education Network. Design process explained + presentation of the branding elements.
Branding, Icon Design, Print Design
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